Hiroshi Miyasaka

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    Hoshi 35 (2023)

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    Hoshi 35 (2023)

    Hoshi 35 (HOSHI 35 Hoshi Sanjūgo) is an upcoming crowdfunded tokusatsu kaiju film which will be written and directed by Hiroto Yokokawa and co-directed by Kazuma Yoneyama and Daisuke Sato, with effects by Sato. Presented by MRTS Co., Ltd. and produced by 3Y Co., Ltd., it will star Megumi Odaka, Daijiro Harada, Jun Hashizume, Hiroshi Miyasaka, and Yumiko Tanaka. The project, whose name is derived from the Japanese word for “star” (hoshi), will celebrate Odaka’s 35th anniversary as an actress and will be her first film role in close to 30 years. It is to be tentatively released to Japanese theaters in October 2023. (Wikizilla:https://wikizilla.org/wiki/Hoshi_35)

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