International Delivery

Dear Valued Customer,

We are pleased to inform that we provide shipping worldwide.

We actively provide shipping to United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, European countries (such as France, Germany, and others), United Arab Emirates, and India, while we can ship to other parts of the world as well.

We also stock inventory in our U.K. fulfillment center. You can find our in-stock UK catalog (Region-2) by clicking here. You can also filter it out by selecting UK under ‘warehouse/region’ search field.
We also posses Region 1 catalog, which we could fulfill from our U.S. fulfillment center, inventory from which will soon be up on our website. These are labeled as ‘Imports’, ‘Factory’ or ‘Original’ items. We’ll first attempt to fulfill any international orders from there. You can also pre-order with us and get DVD/Blu-ray releases early.

Please note that Lollywood, Bollywood, and Turkish films or TV Shows maybe stocked in our Pakistan warehouse only, while we also attempt to collaborate with some 3rd party vendors in other countries to get customers domestic delivery from their own countries’ vendors.
MODs (Manufactured On-Demand) requests would ship out through our logistics partners in Pakistan. Please note that our international rates for products would be different (when shipping out of PK origin); based on exchange rates, shipping cost, business opportunity and customer demand.

[When shipping out of PK origin,] shipping cost could vary anything between USD 70 to USD 100 for up to 1 kg weight bracket.
Price of the items may also vary in some cases (e.g., if exchange rates change, or if it is an MOD). We reserve the right to revise the price of any item without any prior notice.

We recently negotiated a half-kg shipping rates bracket with our logistics partners for some of the top regions we sell to. Please see below:

[up to 0.5kg]
Canada – PKR 4,800 / US$48.00 PKR 5500 / US$55.00
United Kingdom – PKR 6,000 / US$60.00
United States – PKR 4,200 / US$42.00 PKR 5500 / US$55.00
Australia – PKR 3,600 / US$36.00 PKR 6500 / US$65.00
Other Countries – [Evaluated on per-request basis]
Last Updated: 24/02/2018 – Kindly, note that the above rates are still tentative. We are working on negotiating lower rates with our logistics partners.

[above 0.5kg]
Any region – PKR 8,500 / US$85.00 (first kg)
Any region – PKR 5,000 / US$50.00 (each additional kg)

Conversion: 1 USD = PKR 100 (as per exchange rates & handling fees) [just an estimate]

Rates for Shipping out of U.K. fulfillment center have already been incorporated, while rates for U.S. fulfillment center will be incorporated soon. Our representatives will be checking every order, and inform about the availability of items orders and shipping cost associated with fulfillment from those regions.

United Kingdom (0 – 2kg): $10/- (Tracked 48, delivery time is 2-3 working days)
Other Countries: (0 – 0.5kg): $30/-  (Air Mail, delivery time is 1-7 working days)
Other Countries, Each 0.5kg Over 0.5kg: $10/- (Air Mail, delivery time is 1-7 working days)
Other Countries, Each 2kg parcel overhead: $20/- (Air Mail, delivery time is 1-7 working days)

United Kingdom: Only tracked shipping option available.
Other Countries: (0 – 0.5kg): $16.5/-
Other Countries, Each 0.5kg Over 0.5kg: $9/-
Other Countries, Each 2kg parcel overhead: $10/-
[Shipping through Royal AirMail International, with delivery time of 1-7 working days]

Highlands and Islands
Shipping quotes are different and higher for such destinations, and are not incorporated in our website. So, our representatives may contact you and update invoice accordingly.

Actual Delivery  Time
Actual Delivery Time = Processing Time + Shipping Time

Split order policy
Any order weighing over 2kg, will be split into multiple 2kg packages.

Our website now reflects prices in both Pakistani Rupee (PKR or Rs.) and US Dollar currency (USD). We have provided a currency converter on site for our customers to view prices in currency of their choice. There maybe data corrections needed in some cases; as it’s a fairly new feature.

Note for International Customers
You must checkout in USD currency. If you didn’t use USD, please go back to the Cart page, switch currencies, and then checkout. For international orders, we collect payment through other payment options (i.e., Skrill, PayPal (for US customers, in some cases) or via local bank transfers for EUR, GBP, and AUD currencies), information on which will be provided via email. Please be informed that once you have placed your order, our representative will review and may respond with revised a invoice based on international rates, where applicable.

Pre-Order DVDs / Blu-rays
We get our new releases well in advance from the film studios. For example if a film was being released on the Monday 29th of January 2018, we would normally have every customer and new release shipped by Tuesday January 23rd, Wednesday 24th at the VERY latest. The only time this isn’t the case is if there has been a problem with the supplier and we haven’t received stock which isn’t often.

Payment Methods
We do not offer online payments through website checkout process yet. We provide payment options via ‘Direct Bank Wire Transfer’, ‘Skrill’, and PayPal (for US customers, in some cases) , details of which are provided once orders are confirmed, and terms are agreed upon.
Cash on Delivery is only available for Domestic orders; for up to PKR 4500/- only. Payment will be taken upfront for orders with greater value.

If you have a specific requirement, or feel that the shipping cost is too much, please contact us directly, and we will do our best to serve you. Understanding our shipping rates maybe tricky, so you may contact us if you are getting outrageous shipping rate during checkout.
As an example, if you choose one item that is in Pakistan warehouse, and one that is in UK warehouse; then the shipping cost you’ll see will be a sum of 0.5kg rates from each origin.

We’ll dedicate a separate page for Shipping rates soon.

For any queries, advertisement, business offers and opportunities, you can reach us via email or via our feedback form on website here.

Thank you.


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